We’re taking some days off

Hello Greenies,
our kitchens, restaurants and our e-shop will be closed from the 23rd December till 3rd January 2020.


First of all….we are so happy to have wonderful clients such as yourselves and we are happy to share some stats from this year with you all.

  • we’ve made more than 72000 sandwiches,
  • you’ve created more than 39000 salads online,
  • we’ve organised more than 600 events throughout this year,
  • we have officially 15 Green Kitchen restaurants.


We thank you for your support, your loyalty and your appetite for healthy, honest homemade food! Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Also many thanks to our whole Green Kitchen Team, all our efforts to constantly be better and achieve more have allowed us to grow and become a Family. Our goals for the new year are, to push for more environmentally friendly packaging and even better food management for minimal waste. We want to inform everyone who’s eating with us about healthy food choices and how to be part of the biggest movement in history to save our planet – You alone can already make a difference! Drop into our Blog, we’ll be posting more about food, the environment and our achievements.

Exceptions for closing!

  • Belliard 40 is open the 23rd, 30th, 31st of December from10am till 2pm, also the 2nd & 3rd of January from 10am till 2pm.
  • The Eurocontrol main restaurant is closed from from the 23rd of December until the 3rd of January, except for the Sandwicherie which will be open 7/7.
  • Oleon open all days, except for the 25th of December and the 1st Of January 2020.
  • Verisure open all days, except for the 25th of December and the 1st Of January 2020.

We wish you all happy holidays, a blissful new year 2020, health and love,
Your Green Kitchen team.