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Do you need cooking ideas?
Check out what our chef Reggy was cooking for us this week…

Have you already been to our Green Kitchen @ Fountain Plaza? Reggy is cooking delicious and nutritious lunch meals for you and your colleagues. Everyday homemade!

We love fresh food and that’s why we try to provide you every lunchtime with a large variety of hot meals and with our grand salad bar. Did you know that we have a lot more restaurants in Brussels? We also now in Antwerpen, Mechelen and Gent. Visit us!

Here the descriptions starting from the left hand side to the right hand side. Hot butter bean salad with olive oil cream, Indian style chickpeas with baked potatoes and cilantro, stuffed tomatoes on a pumpkin mirror with greek style pasta, quinoa with yellow Thai style curry, Asia style warm noodle salad.

big-beans-with-healthy-saladvegetarian-food-brusselsstuffed-tomatoes-with-greek-pasta-on-a-pumpkin-sauce quinoa-yellow-thai-curry asia-style-noodle-salad






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