Happy new year 2020

Hello Greenies,
we wish you and your beloved all the best that the year 2020 can bring!

This year we will “again” start fresh, with lots of new resolutions and ideas to make it the best first year of this decade! We will continue contributing to a less waste program internally and we’ll continue to serve you the healthiest food. We’ll lower our carbon footprint further to support climate activism and to be a role model for other restaurants!

You’ve probably red the news this year, many horrible things are happening on our precious planet earth. We all should try to catch the fast train of change and make sacrifices in order to secure a future without fear for ourselves and future generations to come. We want to spread the word about climate change, there is no Plan B, we have only this world to live in, so make your sacrifices count. No one is too small to make a change, just take a look at all the brave activists around the planet!

This year can be the year of cohesion, support, happiness and love, we can change things together. We wish for everyone to be healthy & happy!

We wish you all happy new year 2020,
Your Green Kitchen team.