Groundhouse coffee

Our coffee story

Groundhouse brings the personality and excitement surrounding independent coffee culture into the workplace.

We realise that knowledge of our coffee – its origin and taste profile, ethical credentials –and our trained barista’s resonates with customers. They are looking for something better, something different. We at Green Kitchen conceived Groundhouse as part of this new coffee-culture, a customer-led reaction against brand monotony.

Blend #3

Tasting: Punchy and full-bodied, with dark chocolate is ideal for a fragrant and flavoursome cappuccino or a tasty espresso. A unique blend of Arabica’s gives Nr.3 its distinctively bold taste profile.

Origin: Our coffee beans from Indian small holder co-ops and other trusted producers from Nicaragua and El Salvador. They supply us with their best seasonal beans to enhance the profile.

Blend #7

Tasting: exceptionally aromatic, with hints of rich chocolate, deep caramel and sweety fruity undertones. Slowly roasted, the hand-picked beans release a pungent sweetness and full bodied flavour that lends itself beautifully to espressos or when blended with milk.

Origin: A 100% organic Arabica blend from sustainable smallholdings in Ethiopia and Nicaragua. Blend 7 is sourced seasonally, which ensures flavour consistency at all times of the year. It is grown on good organic practices certified farms.

Barista Academy

We think producing great coffee is a craft. Harvesting, processing and shipping the coffee cherry (honestly, it is a cherry) alone can take six months; all that care and dedication will count for nought if the coffee falls into the hands of a beginner barista.

Our baristas complete the barista academy program to ensure they respect the bean and harvest its flavours to the full, producing the finest extracted espresso to blend beautifully aromatic, delicious drinks. And once a year they get to brew off against each other in our annual barista competition for the crown of “Head Barista” and the honour of naming a newly created drink. As if the names of coffees weren’t daft enough already…

Ground House give back programme 

Our bespoke ‘Give Back’ programme is the exciting bit for us. We’ve committed, along with our coffee supplier, to directly invest in the communities in which our Blend 3 and Blend 7 coffee beans are produced.

The programme started with a simple question – what does your community need? And the answer was similarly simple, better access to healthcare and education.

Ecoffee cup

We produce branded cups to sell to our customers and to promote reusable cups over disposables.

Our policy to avoid single-use plastics within Green Kitchen, motivated us to promote the use of reusable cups. What’s in it for us? We just believe it’s the right thing to do for the environment. What’s in it for you? The same. We make the environment better

The art of flexibility

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ service, and neither do our clients. You’re looking for a coffee service to fit around your business’ needs, not the other way round.

Groundhouse was developed to suit a wide variety of workplace environments; from a full Barista coffee shop experience to a high-quality automated service, and everything in between. We’ve taken on the high street in taste tests, and have always come out on top, and we’d love the opportunity to do a tasting soon in a workplace near you.

Let’s talk about coffee!

The smell of coffee is a smell you’ll love, rich and flavourful as its taste. Our baristas had many many hours of training to create the best coffee cup fou you! We have coffee corner solutions, tailored to fit your needs.