Event request

Breakfast — Pastries: 3x mini pastries

Breakfast — BASE: Coffee, tea, bio juices, 2x mini viennoiserie, water still (flavoured) — fresh for 1 1/2 hours

Breakfast — SUPPLEMENT: Fruit salad

Breakfast — SUPPLEMENT: Yogurt / Granola

Breakfast — SUPPLEMENT: Freshly squeezed orange juice

Breakfast — SUPPLEMENT: Smoothies

Coffee Break — BASE: Coffee, tea, juices, water still (flavoured), cookies — fresh for 1 1/2 hours

Business Lunch — LUNCH BOX: Assortment of 1 small salad & 4-5 small crispy bread buns, Nordic bread, mini-wraps and bagels with a variety of fillings per person.

Business Lunch — MEETING BOX: Assortment of 4-5 small crispy bread buns, Nordic bread, mini-wraps and bagels with a variety of fillings per person.

Business Lunch — SANDWICH: 17 different variations (mix provided depending on number of participants).

COLD BUFFET: Depending on season & audience - to be discussed with chef. (e.g. smoked salmon, tomato / mozzarella, different salad variations, tabbouleh, vitello tonnato, shrimp stuffed tomatoes, beef tartar, cheese board, charcuterie board, variation of white, brown and whole grain bread).

HOT BUFFET: (e.g. Veal cutlet Valdostano style with prosciutto ham and smoked mozzarella. Tagliatelle with vegetables, tomato coulis, fresh basil and crispy-skin grilled salmon. Sauteed vegetables in a sage / herb puree also available with red mullet fillet).

Dessert — SWEET BOX: Artisanal dessert.

Dessert — SWEET BOX MINI: 3x artisanal mini desserts (variety).

Dessert — MIGNARDISE: 3x fine mini desserts (variety).

FORMULA DRINKS — LIGHT: Coffee, tea, bio juice, water still (flavoured) - 1 1/2 hours open bar.

FORMULA DRINKS — HEAVY: Wine red / white, bio juice, water still (flavoured) & sparkling water - 1 1/2 hours open bar.

FORMULA DRINKS — FUN: Cava, wine red / white, bio juice, water (flavoured) & sparkling water - 1 1/2 hours open bar

FORMULA DRINKS — SUPPLEMENT SPARKLING: Sparkling water (0.5l per person)

FORMULA DRINKS — SUPPLEMENT SOFT: Coke, diet coke, fanta, sprite, ice tea (0.33L per person).

FORMULA DRINKS — SUPPLEMENT BIOSOFT: Tao fusion, Pajottenlander, Bionnina (0,25l per person).

APERO — NIBBLES BASE: Cheese, olives, nuts, chips.

APERO — NIBBLES FRESH: Fresh vegetables with various sauces.

APERO — ZAKUSKIES — a fine selection of all following flavours — 7 pcs/pp: • • • Canapé EXCELLENCE - Goat cheese and pickled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and asparagus, chiffonade of country ham, duck fillets, smoked haddock fillets and crayfish, trout eggs, dry sausages, chiffonade of smoked salmon. • • • Canapé GOURMETS - Smoked salmon, cream cheese with dill, grilled bacon and prunes, marinated shrimps with lemon cream, country ham with melon jam, red mullet and tomato puree, saffron shrimps and marinated tomatoes, bresaola marinated in mashed artichokes and feta cheese on mashed tomatoes, foie gras mousse with grilled hazelnuts. • • • POEME DE SAVEURS - Olives and tomato confit, spicy goat cheese, dried pork ham, spinach, marinated shrimp, spiced carrot tapenade, smoked salmon with spinach and broccoli, red saffron pepper tapenade, onion cream roquefort pear. • • • LE CONNAISSEUR - salmon-style béarnaise cream smokes, pesto-style cream pesto tomato semi-dried parmesan ball, mustard creams old-fashioned ham walnut mashed chestnut capers, carrot creams goat's cheese with dried apricot spices, wasabi cream lemon shrimp cube of celery, poultry mushroom muslins.

One staff member minimum of booking — 4 hours

Additional hours for staff member

One chef for minimum 4 hours of booking — Obligatory for hot buffet

TABLE CLOTHS - 2M x 2M (white/black)