Awesome people

Here’s your Green Kitchen team!

Of course, we’re immensely proud of our people. We’re as mindful about finding the right people to join our team as we are about picking our ingredients and suppliers. We offer our people loads of support, give them access to training opportunities and make sure that they’re focused on serving up delicious food. It’s not at all about us, it’s all about you.

Culinary discipline

Our chefs are well trained professionals with strong culinary skills. They understand the value of healthy food to the human body and they prepare your food everyday with lots of love. Each and every week they create a menu which is not just healthy but also very nutritious and delicious.

We’re always looking out for the lastest food trends and we love to have some innovative streaks in our menus. Our kitchens are equipped to the highest standards. Every location has its own flair and its own atmosphere and we love them all.


Staff member cutting freshly baked bread for the salad bar
Staff member preparing a plate for a guest
Staff member preparing nuts seeds and dry fruits for salad bar

Salad Artists

We are especially proud of our salad bar artists who are motivated to the moon. Every day they cut up kilos of fresh produce from our trusted farmers. Once everything is chopped, sliced and diced, the real magic begins. Bowls packed with natural colours and a plentiful amount of choices that leave no one out of the salad equation.

We provide a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach – while the senses of taste, smell, and sight are distinct, visual stimuli have been proven to alter the perception of taste, smell, and flavour. Our staff motivation is all about magic on the plate.


Staff member smiling at clients
Beautiful salad bar packed with lots of good healthy food
Beautiful interior of the Belliard lunch restaurant

Food Heroes

Food Heroes is what we call our chefs and food artists here. With determination and passion they cook everyday the perfect food for us. We’ve had nothing but pleasant comments from our clients about the great choice and diversity of menus.

We’re all about how to amplify the fresh produce we receive daily. Our chefs are leading the dance of a healthy food equilibrium. With a big smile they’ll brighten up your lunch time.


Staff member preparing the spoons for the salad bar
A plentiful stuffed salad bar with fresh vegetables
Chef Michel and his salad bar artist preparing food for the clients

Magic makers

Our staff is extremely close, we love exchanging all day chats and we love doing our daily food photo competition. We love the challenge of everyday and the challenge of preparing food by season.

Magic happens when you put food lovers at work, providing them with all sorts of healthy ingredients and let them create their own menus. We are supporters of the environment and we support a healthy lifestyle, we’re always finding a way to show this in our restaurants and in our work life. 

Fresh tomato basil Mozzarella salad
Pasta salad restaurant lunch time avenue louise
Salad bar restaurant with a terrace on Avenue Louise

Lunch designers

In our Green Kitchen Atelier from 6:30 am in the morning all our busy bees are preparing everyday all our sandwiches, wraps, faluches, bagels, tartines, buns, business lunch boxes, your self created salads, business salads, and greenies. They cook kilos of pasta, grill bacon, bake all breads and produce all cold salads. Once all is prepared and done they pack it all up, load it to the green vans and go out for delivery all over Brussels.

In between all of the busy mornings they always find the time to sing songs and dance through the atelier to get their ingredients. We just love the atelier atmosphere.

Business lunch boxes waiting to be filled
Salat bowls waiting to be topped with clients compositions
Sandwiches being prepared for filling

Let’s talk about us!

Do you have any questions about us? Please let us know…We would love to know more about you and what you think about our team and food options…